February 02, 2010

contribution = rockstar Watch on Vimeo Social media and networking have fooled a lot of people and companies into thinking they are rockstars. Unfortunately the ease of access and near zero cost of distribution have created an internet that sounds a lot like this. (bad music playing) The abundance of fake rockstars have created an audience that is willing to be your friend, but not willing to listen to what you have to say, buy your product, or help you get a job. Unfortunately most people and businesses using social media and networking are following the funnel rule: Cram more people into your brand funnel, and maybe you can trick a few into listening to what you have to say. The problem with cramming is that it is costly both in time and brand credibility, and cramming is the most inefficient and absolute worst way to go about being a rockstar. If you really want to be a rockstar, you have to understand one thing, and one thing only: contribution. Your power and influence are directly proportional to the amount you or your business contribute to your audience. When you look at the essence of relationship and group formation dynamics, contribution is the key element that unites and brings people together. It is a simple yet powerful concept that if understood and properly implemented can mean the difference between being truly great and just being noise. This principle has not changed for thousands of years. When you look at all the rockstars throughout history, beethoven, einstein, gandhi, martin luther king jr., all have been immortalized not because they were interested in cramming people into their branding funnel, but because the impact of their contribution was so incredible people were naturally drawn to them. A great way to visualize the power of contribution is to use Seth Godin's analogy of circles. As Seth put it in his blog post, most people are putting all their energy into increasing the size of their first circle, when the real power and size of their network lies in the second and third circles. The only way to gain access to the second circle is to create a message, product or service so incredible, unique or valuable that it contributes to your first circle in such a way that your first circle wants to share it with their first circle. If it is really amazing then your newly created second circle will share it their first circle giving you access to the third circle and so on… One of our favorite stories of contribution and social networking is Zoe Keating. With nothing more than a cello and a macbook she is able to create beautiful loops of music that grow into incredible works of art. Is she actively seeking out new followers and friends for her twitter or facebook pages? No, but she has a razor sharp focus on following her passion to contribute some of the best music in the world. Her contribution shows in her numbers....
coloadvisor dots Shirin over at ColoAdvisor.com/ recently created his first mondaydots presentation explaining what his company does. It is a solid first presentation and I look forward to future ColoAdvisor presentations! Here is the transcript: Hi, this is Shirin with ColoAdvisor, just wanted to walk you through how our service works. As far as colocation and hosting goes; at times working for a single company pushed is to try and place square pegs into round holes for the sale of the sale due to downward pressure to hit certain revenue targets. This is a short term strategy and is bad for both parties involved. As far as selling as selling hosting and colocation services to companies. This didn't work for us; we realized that companies out there usually do one or two things really well but could never be everything to everyone. ColoAdvisor was formed to overcome this issue. Here's how are model works, while taking as little time from our client as possible we gather detailed requirements using an efficient collection and capture method, we'll give you feedback and suggestions to optimize the overall solution you're seeking to purchase. From here we put together a diagram and requirements document that we review with you before sending it off to our trusted partners. This model has worked really great for a lot of our clients to date. ColoAdvisor has relationships wit 40 hosting, colocation, cloud, CDN, messaging and enterprise application management companies. Using these 40+ providers, we narrow down the companies with the best fit to a handful for you. While working directly with our end client we'll work to select the one that fits the best from a technical, cultural and financial perspective. Our hours of consulting and research are covered by the final provider that we mutually choose. If you choose to table or put your project on hold, there's nothing to worry about, no fees are due to us at all. We wanted to thank you for your time in watching our presentation and please do reach out to us for any hosting, colocation, CDN or cloud initiatives that you may have. Thank you very much.

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